Where do the stars go to die?

When dreams are but blurred reflections of hopelessness, when every breath of life is a mock at your inability, that is when you know that life is a harsh place. While excuses pile up on the burdened shoulders of your guilt, you realise that you have drowned already. If everyday they diminish your beliefs by pointing at your mistakes, you are bound to accept that this life is too fragile to hold together the phenomenal breaths and moments.

Living in a society where uniqueness and individuality are often shunned, we as human beings continually forget to realise our dreams and our necessities. We forget to let out that scream which we had forever tried to suppress and eventually create such huge barriers amongst ourselves and the people around us that by the end of the day we are left with nothing more than an empty soul and mind.

I feel this is mostly because we are too obsessed with proving ourselves wrong and it somehow gives us the feeling of achievement when we try to get rid of our “imperfections”. We do forget to see the beauty around us, to realise how majestic every small detail of this universe is and we keep complaining about the things we do not have. If only we were blessed enough to love ourselves anew, we would never really to find life hard. But we are unfortunate people, living in a right world but with a wrong mind. But every speck of dust that lingers on old memories and every fragment of light that enters our souls and every rainbow that we have never seen have different stories to tell. And on a last note, the stars of our souls never die, they just transform.

There is no death, only a change of worlds. -Chief Seattle

An alternate reality

So, this is it I guess. Starting a new journey and following a road I am unsure of. I have never really done anything like this before and I do not know how to start expressing myself and excuse me if this starts to get all over the place. But to be honest I already feel so much free to know that I finally have a platform to let my dreams fly in the horizon that I get to create for myself.

So let me start with explaining the title of my site-Emancipation. It is really fun how words in themselves can create stories and pictures and dreams. Considering my own site name it reminds me of something vast, something less constricting, something that helps one to see beyond the bars of perfection. In whole it reminds me of liberty in plain and simple language. Words can also create impressions about a person. You may think of my life as being one led in captivity, something that is claustrophobic. But, you may be wrong there. I am just a 15 year old trying to live as a normal soul on this planet of dreams and destruction. But then you may ask, why Emancipation? It is because we all love to live alternate lives and maybe this my alternate reality. Maybe, I just want to understand the prisons and walls of this world that every one faces. Or, maybe I really am constricted by my own ideas and emotions and my subconcious wants me to realise this captivity! But whatever it is, I think we are all allowed to understand, to dream and to fantasise because for me life is very small without these wonderful expressions.

I hope this short introduction will make you curious enough to start reading my other posts. And more than anything, I hope this will give me enough motivation to start a new story of my life, to relive the moments of my life through writing and I promise you that we will forever keep dreaming together through this journey❤.

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